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Top Speed 12kts. Cruise Speed 10kts.

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Range nm. Beam 7. Guests Guest Cabin 6. Crew 7.

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Her top speed is John D. Rockefeller famously said that he tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity. Recently, scientists in British Columbia did just that. In , an epidemic of sea star wasting disease SSWD all but wiped out populations along the west coast of North America. The disease devastated the marine ecosystem. Yet a clever group of marine biologists managed to find the silver lining.

The research has yielded new insights into the complex ecological interactions driving a crucial coastal ecosystem. Sea star wasting disease hit hard and fast. The disease arrived on the central coast of British Columbia in and rapidly killed 96 percent of the sunflower sea stars in the region. The disease exacted a similar toll on a range of other sea star species along the northeast Pacific coast.

Sea star wasting disease all but wiped out the sunflower sea stars off the central coast of British Columbia.