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Problem: Picked up my galaxy s9 about a week ago, was at home tonight when my phone was ringing and saw my mom was calling..

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She answered and asked why I was calling her? I said that I was not calling her and that I was answering a call from her.. So we both hung up, I assumed she called me on accident. My mom mentioned she had two other missed calls from me. Andy help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Solution: Normally, your phone should not be making any outgoing call on its own unless something is triggering the device to make a call. Listed below are some of the troubleshooting steps that you need to perform to fix this problem.

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If your phone has a case and screen protector then I suggest that you remove these as this could be causing the problem. Try to observe if the issue still occurs.

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The Direct Call feature allows you to hold the phone up close to your ear and the contact whose message or contact detail is on the screen will be dialed. The issue you are experiencing right now could be caused by this feature. Yo check if this is the case you should start the phone in Safe Mode. Once the phone is in Safe Mode you should observe if the issue still occurs in this mode.

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Find out what app this is and uninstall it. You hear your phone ringing and you look down to see who it is, when you notice that your own name shows up as the caller ID. Is it yourself calling from the future? Maybe just a glitch with your phone?

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The latter is far more possible, but there are also several other possibilities. Instead of showing their own phone number on your caller ID, it shows your own phone number as a way to hide theirs. You might have even seen phone numbers calling you that are very similar to your own number, and it might be off by just one or two numbers.

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  5. If you have an iPhone, Siri has the ability to place a call to your own phone. Whatever the cause may be, the best course of action to take is simply just not answering it. Nothing good or worthwhile will come from answering your phone that shows your own number as the caller ID. You might need to purposely call your own number when you set up your voicemail or access certain carrier settings.