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God is the one that is in control! He is our shield and protector! We just need to hear and obey the boundaries He is setting for our families individually. You have to know what God is instructing you to do as the steward over your little blessing or blessings. We get one chance raising our children! Is it a whole lot easier to let them go where ever they want?? But how high is that price and how far will it take them, because of the cost.

If I said yes, I met the parents and discussed with them my limitations. There are a couple girls my 10 year old is allowed to spend the night with. My daughter is a social butterfly who is homeschooled, and not in any co-ops very social, but learns better one-on-one than surrounded by friends! Once upon a time I coached an Upward church-based cheerleading team.

On my squad of 9 girls, age 9, 5 of them knew each other from school. Those 5 would chat and generally hang together without a significant effort on my part to make them include the 4 others. I decided a sleepover was the answer; the team could watch a movie, paint nails, dance, giggle and in general do girl bonding activities in a safe environment where I could encourage interaction.

I have to disagree with the assessment of ability to stay the night; my 11 year old is a stay-the -nighter and has been for years. Her 14 year old brother is barely able to go to sleep away camp with the youth group. Do not let fear rule your decision. I work in media and can tell you firsthand that sensationalism sells, 4 girls eating popcorn and sleeping in the living room floor do not.

Opinions please. We have a 13 yr old boy that we have let have sleepovers since he was probably Mostly his Nana or Auntie but also with his best friend. We are friends with the parents and went to the same church. We decided to let the occasional sleepovers continue. My question is: how do I go about telling her this? She is also a really good friend. She sent me a text asking to have my son come over. New friendships r harder to manage.

Stolen Child

At 13 it gets harder. Be led by the Holy Spirit. Every kid is different. In my personal experience, a larger group made me nervous, so I tended to lean more towards sleepovers that had five or less. But If my daughter sleeps over some place else I need to know them very well. IF kids sleepover at our house, I collect all electronics before bed.

I think we can be come so dogmatic and make hard and fast rules that do not benefit anyone. Once they leave our home every night is a sleep over. Better to teach now while we can correct and help them learn to discern. We did not allow sleepovers until age 10 — this was not a popular policy. We made a couple of exceptions for birthday parties. After 10, we only allowed them on 3-day weekends so they could recover the lost sleep during school vaca, or in the summer.

Now when my daughter is 13, we do allow them more frequently, but only at homes that we trust. And we do end up hosting frequently, which is fine, too. These are good families who love their children very much, but things happened that changed their lives forever. I refuse to be part of the sleepover mistake. We have a no sleepover policy in our house. We do so for many of the same reasons others have mentioned. But I take a different twist with my kids.

I remember what I felt like after a sleepover. Conversation also takes a very different form after the sun goes down. Many times an unhealthy form or too intimate form. The next morning I just felt awful. My 15yod really struggles with fatigue. I have boys…so its more like camp out…. The heartbreaking truth is my son was sexually assaulted at a sleepover. It happened 2 years ago, and we are still faced with tentacles that are deeply embedded in his life.

The loss of innocence is devastating. There is no recovery, there is only survival. He has acted out with another child, so now friendships have to be closely monitored. The chaos and turmoil never leaves. If something happens the child and family are changed forever. Tracey Eyster. Close Menu.

Do you allow them or avoid them or something in between? Jennifer Dyer says:. May 6, at pm. Mom Kirk says:. June 18, at pm. Nikki says:.

Where should I go on vacation next year?

May 7, at am. My Coeli says:. Angie Smith says:. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:. May 7, at pm. Lisa says:. Aimee McCarty says:. Kerri Stites says:. Pamela Lisemby says:. May 8, at am. Krissy Kearney says:. TERI says:. May 8, at pm. Bryan and Jennifer Clark says:. May 20, at am. Lamarr says:. June 17, at pm.

Heather says:. Kerrie says:. Renee says:. Virginia K says:. Leebee says:. Jeannie Burnett says:. Poor Kara is running herself ragged trying to keep up with her rotten brothers' demands, without letting her friends find out.

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She's worried her pals won't want to come to her house--or, worse, that they'll want to disband the Squad! But when the rest of the Squad finds out what's going on, they tell Kara to quit being the boys' slave and relax. After all, no matter what those creeps can do to them, these girls know something the boys don't: getting mad isn't the same thing as getting even She's even picked a special theme But when the Squad starts acting strangely, Jo gets worried.

It seems like her friends are keeping secrets from her. Jo tries not to let their behavior hurt her feelings -- after all, it's probably nothing. But she can't help but wonder: What if the girls don't want to come to her sleepover anymore? Or worse, what if they don't want to be friends with her at all? Her parents have agreed to let her host the Sleepover Squad to celebrate her win in the spelling bee!

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Jo loves to be organized, so she's busy making plenty of lists -- like what kind of food she'll serve her friends and what games they'll play. She's even picked a special theme! But when the Squad starts acting strangely, Jo gets worried. Please see item condition description and view photos. We only accept payments through PayPalThanks for looking. We are adding things daily. Please Read - We greatly appreciate your interest in our store and auction items. We look forward to a pleasant, quick and satisfying transaction for both of us. Unless otherwise specified all items are from the secondary market IE close outs, vintage shops, estate sales, garage sales, and other secondary markets.

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